About Company

  Our founder Prashant Patel is a Technocrat and started the initial company in 1976 with one employee. In our initial period of business we started with power conditioning equipment like Voltage Stabilizers, Servo Control Voltage Stabilizers, Transformers, Defroster and many more products. Within very short period, our voltage stabilizers earned great reputation and support from various customers all across the country. Our Voltage Stabilizers were regularly supplied to reputed companies like Blue Star, Voltas , Fedders-Lloyds Corporation Vadilal Ice-cream, Kores (India) Ltd, B-canon, and many reputed dealers across the country.

  In the year 2000 after completing his graduation in Electrical Engineering Mr. Ashwal Patel, Son of Mr. Prashant Patel joined the company with new ideas. With the help of rich experience of Mr. Prashant Patel in India and USA and the energetic and innovative ideas of Mr. Ashwal Patel, the company started to take off for new heights. After extensive R&D work, and our years of experience helped us to introduce Led Lighting Products in the market. And we have set the same highest standard in LEDs and Solar Lighting Products.

 Today Precise Electronics Pvt. Ltd is designing, developing and manufacturing amazing world class LED lighting products and providing Solar Power solution to various customers across all business and residential segments. We are manufacturing high quality, long lasting solid state lighting products for Homes, Businesses, Industries, Hotels, Motels, Schools, and Show Rooms and for City beautifications that improve energy savings and reduce maintenance costs.

  With our extensive experience and a team of Technocrats, we have crossed all the barriers which came across. Our technical expertise, detailed knowledge and in house facilities put us on the top in the industry. From designing power supply, drivers and our expertise in current and thermal management our Led Lighting products are UNIQUE and different than many other companies in this field.